Project I : Dried Mind

Whenver I drive to the home, I find to get removed the forest and rice paddy around my house gradually. I can’t see that kind of nature’s areas near my home anymore. That makes me unhappy. We can see wide forest and the parks in the big cites around the world, for example, NewYork, Tokyo and London and so on.However, We are losing our natures because of the selfishness and profit of the real estate. I hope we should take care of our future’s envirenment and the decendent. I hope we can share to each mind. I just wanted to express our dried mind through the concrete apartments, dying glass on the ground and cranes of a construction site. This is little planet of dried mind unrealizing our future.

++ Process ++

///// Photograhps of Gimpo city

///// Retouching with Photoshop

///// Loading images on Stiching Program

///// Using Distort filter to make sphere

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